Photo by Jack Fisher

The Road to Eden recounts the seemingly unrelated events, activities, accomplishments, and adventures that led from a career in advertising and film production in Los Angeles to fish farming and inn keeping in a tiny village on the remote eastern side of the island of Maui. The quest to find a place apart from the ethos of the prevailing world order, is the spine of this story. Responding to a call that has beckoned since childhood, The Road to Eden is the narrative of the journey home.

The Road to Eden

A book by John S. Romain


Blessing the ‘Aina

“You can not own this land, it was here long before you and will be here long after you. This ‘aina is so special that you must each day say a prayer of gratitude for the privilege of presiding over it.”

Uncle Matthew Kalalau – blessing the ‘aina May 1986

Working with Nature

“The only problem facing you in life is your belief in separation from the Source. Solve that one, and all the others will vanish.”

Nana Veary
Change We Must

The Future Is Up for Grabs

“The future is up for grabs. It belongs to any and all who will take the risk and accept the responsibility of consciously creating the future they want.”

Robert Anton Wilson